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    Each day there are more and more insurance companies that said Good bye to downtimes and poor choice of medical experts. It’s high time for you to join! How it works?

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MedLex provides medical professionals with an opportunity to enjoy fair transparent competition with other healthcare experts and showcase expertise through a detailed profile, easily imported working statistics and excellent services they provide.

Whether creating open eTenders or looking for an appropriate person in MedLex rich base, insurance companies can rest assured all their security-sensitive information is double-protected.

Expertise through a detailed profile, easily imported working statistics and excellent services they provide.

Explore new opportunities

Finding the right medical experts that meet strictest requirements is easy with MedLex full-scale search and selection modules.


Integration with EMR systems, functionally rich calendar, effective file management and communication modules make MedLex an integral part of collaboration between medical expertise centers and insurance carriers.

MedLex – your competitive advantage

Secure file management and data sharing? Absolutely! MedLex security system is always on the watch of your data safety. Upload and download important information with no risk of data loss, disclosure or infringement.

It is you to choose! It’s not the right time to choose the lesser of the two evils when you can find the best of breed experts at most beneficial terms. Find your ideal business partners and forget about disappointment and loss.

Grow your business non-stop! Access MedLex from wherever you like and enjoy its unlimited functionality – communicate with your business partners, share information, get timely help and make new deals.